A Trade Mission is an international trip where business executives travel together as a delegation to overseas destinations and, on occasion, are accompanied by government officials. Its aim is that Trade Mission members will meet potential buyers or agents, participate in site visits and any networking receptions. Potential buyers, agents, distributors and joint venture partners are often sourced prior to each Mission, providing delegates with the best opportunity of building profitable business relationships.

Trade Missions provide businesses with significant advantages if they are exploring the opportunity to expand their operations overseas, or wishing to trade (exporting or importing) with countries they haven’t done so previously. Trade Missions open doors and fast track companies to engage in dialogue with the right companies and just as importantly the right individuals on one trip.

Why Choose CT Trade Missions?


With over 40 years of combined experience of managing Trade Missions to a variety of destinations, the CT Trade Missions team are experts in their field who understand what it takes to organise a successful Mission.


As part of the CTT Group, CT Trade Missions are able to leverage a vast amount of buying power across all elements of travel and accommodation.


The CT Trade Mission team are able to market and recruit for each mission. Through online and offline activity we utilise our extensive portfolio of past and present delegates to ensure your Mission is promoted to the most relevant audience.


The CT Trade Missions team can be involved as much or as little as required in the management of Trade Missions. Our bespoke services allow us to play a variety of roles, whether that be: an extension of your team, as a partner in a joint venture or simply as a travel provider. Our wealth of experience means we are able to cater for all requirements.