The Middle East Association (MEA) will be leading a multi-sector Trade Mission to Sudan from 5th to 9th December. The Mission is timed to coincide with “British Week”, organised by the British Embassy, promoting the UK in Sudan.

About the mission:

  • This multi-sector Mission will visit Khartoum and is open to all British exporters of goods and services.
  • The Mission is timed to coincide with “British Week”, which the Embassy is organising, promoting the UK in Sudan.
  • The Sudanese are well disposed both to the British and to their products and services.
  • The MEA’s objective is to introduce new British companies and particularly Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) to the market and to help existing exporters to strengthen their presence in Sudan.

Benefits of the mission:

  • The British Embassy will assist Mission participants with a programme taking into account individual needs.
  • We anticipate that the Federation of Sudanese Businessmen will be part of the programme and an important source of advice on contacts and priority sectors, namely: agriculture, healthcare, education and training, mining, renewable energies, engineering, bulk materials handling, telecommunications and financial services.
  • You will be advised and assisted in applying for your Sudanese business visa and an optional travel package will be available.
  • The Mission will be led by an experienced Mission Director who has visited Sudan on several occasions.

Who is this mission for:

  • This Mission is multi-sector and open to all British exporters of goods and services.
  • MEA Members and non-Members are welcome to join the Mission.
  • Mission participants must be British exporters of goods or services. They may be a UK registered subsidiary of a foreign company, providing they are actively contributing to the British economy.

Market information:

  • Sudan went through an uncomfortable, but inevitable separation from South Sudan, now the Republic of South Sudan in 2011. It remains an Islamic state under the autocratic rule of President Bashir and has lost the bulk of its oilfields. However, it is not short of other natural resources and is seeking foreign investment in agriculture, power generation, water management and mining.
  • There is a buoyant private sector running food processing, auto assembly, sugar refining, telecommunications, construction, mining etc.
  • The country is still subject to US sanctions (excluding Coca Cola for which it is a primary source of gum Arabica) but EU states are free to trade there.
  • A number of senior Sudanese government officials and businessmen are British nationals and naturally disposed to dealing with UK companies.

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