The Middle East Association (MEA) led a multi-sector Trade Mission to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 29th November to 9th December 2015 which will visit Riyadh, the Eastern Province and Jeddah.


About the mission:

  • The mission visited all three main centres, however a key feature of MEA missions to Saudi Arabia is the built-in flexibility offered to participants who may vary their own itinerary to meet individual company objectives.
  • Feedback from mission participants consistently commends the MEA Mission format as an effective vehicle for accessing the Saudi market place.

Benefits of the mission:

  • The mission was by David Lloyd, Senior Consultant at the Association.
  • Delegates received assistance in obtaining Saudi Business Visit Visa.
  • There was a mission brochure in which all delegate's were advertised to potential contacts in all three centres.
  • Working breakfasts took place in all three centres and a programme of meetings was arranged.

Who was the mission for:

  • This mission was multi-sector and open to all; but sectors of particular interest to the Saudis included education and training; healthcare; transportation; mining; renewable energy and infrastructure.
  • Mission participants had to be British exporters of goods or services. They may be a UK registered subsidiary of a foreign company, provided they are actively contributing to the British economy.

Market information:

  • The Saudi economy is growing at about 3.5% pa and is the largest in the MENA Region. Business opportunities abound.
  • UK-Saudi bilateral trade is worth about £8bn
  • Transport and infrastructure projects with focus on rail and air offer huge business opportunities and British companies are steadily increasing their presence. The Riyadh metro project is well under way. Education and training, healthcare, water management including desalination and sources of renewable energy and mining are all sectors continuing to grow apace where there is enormous scope for UK products, services and expertise.

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Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Eastern Province & Jeddah) 29th November to 9th December 2015
Middle East Association

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