The Pathfinder Trade Mission to Kuwait was accompanied by Baroness Morris of Bolton OBE, the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Kuwait, in whose honour an Ambassador’s Residence Reception took place for the Trade Mission hosted by the British Embassy’s Head of Trade & Investment.

Following the recent and hugely successful Kuwait Outreach Conference, Michael Thomas, a leading expert on the Middle East and Executive Chairman of Pathfinder Trade & Invest, led a multi-sector Trade Mission to Kuwait from 20th to 24th February 2016.

About the mission:

  • This mission visited Kuwait from 20th to 24th February 2016.
  • It was led by Michael Thomas, Executive Chairman and CEO of Pathfinder Middle East. Michael knows Kuwait very well and started his Middle East career there in the mid 70’s.
  • This mission is supported by the British Embassy in Kuwait and the Kuwait British Business Centre (KBBC) who were instrumental in arranging the delegation’s programme.

Benefits of the mission:

The programme featured:

  • A market Briefing session with KBBC, UKTI and guest speakers to cover a complete overview of the business environment in Kuwait, market opportunities, how to do business and case studies.
  • A programme of Group meetings with senior representatives of target organisations.
  • In addition, to ensure that delegates achieved the maximum from their participation, each delegate received a “warmed” list of 6 to 8 key Kuwaiti contacts directly relevant to their sector to enable them to make direct approaches and to confirm individual meetings two weeks prior to departure.
  • An Ambassador’s Residence Reception was hosted by the British Embassy’s Head of Trade & Investment and in addition the KBBC arranged a networking reception at the Chairman’s Club Kuwait. Guests came from a wide range of Kuwaiti organisations, companies and associations.

Market information:

  • Kuwait is a market on the move, following enhanced efforts to diversify its economy away from Oil & Gas under the $115bn National Development Plan passed by Parliament in February and including the Kuwait Metro, new Kuwait International Airport Terminal, Mubarak Al Khabeer Port and many other infrastructure projects.
  • With a low oil price Kuwait is working harder than ever to inject private sector expertise into the market and has a $35bn plan for PPP, through the Kuwait Authority for Public Partnership, to develop power and water projects, housing and schools.
  • Kuwait and the UK have a long shared history and friendship. The Kuwait Investment Office (the World’s first Sovereign Wealth Fund) was established in London in 1953 and has been there ever since. Kuwaitis are regular travellers to the UK and have a favouring for all things British, from cars and fashion to consultants and engineers.

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Kuwait Multi Sector Trade Mission Pathfinder 20th to 24th February 2016
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