Pathfinder Women in International Business” has teamed up with “Access for Women in Energy” to organise an energy-related trade delegation to Abu Dhabi & Dubai in May 2017. In addition to its substantial oil and gas wealth, the United Arab Emirates has been investing heavily in promoting the use of alternative sources of energy. The Emirates' efforts to promote the role of women in the energy sector have also been remarkable.

Women are playing an increasingly central part in the energy industry, ranging from expert engineering skills to senior financial and executive responsibilities and new business development. This trend will continue to accelerate as companies and governments alike recognise the value of promoting the advancement of women in the energy sector.

The mission will aim to have a gender balanced representation, starting with the mission leaders: Dr Carole Nakhle, founder of Access for Women in Energy and CEO of Crystol Energy and Mr Michael Thomas, CEO of Pathfinder Trade & Invest.

Pathfinder Trade & Invest  Access Women In Energy

About the Mission

  • Day One of the programme will be based in Abu Dhabi and is expected to feature meetings with ADNOC, ADIA, Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group, the British Embassy, Central Bank, Environment Agency, Ministry of Energy, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, Ministry of Petroleum and National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD). It is also hoped that a senior networking reception will take place.
  • On Day Two the mission will travel by coach to Dubai en-route via Mubadala, to meet such organisations as DUTCO, Shell, Pinsent Masons and the Dubai Financial Services Authority - DFSA.
  • A Partnership Workshop Event sponsored by Pinsent Masons - Investment in Energy in the UAE: Opportunities and Challenges, will take place at their offices in Dubai at 16:00 hours on Day Two.
  • Day Three will be left free for delegates to make their own individual private appointments, have follow up meetings with contacts made on the core days of the Mission or to take advantage of an optional visit to Masdar city.


Benefits of the Mission

  • The mission leaders have been overwhelmed by the positive reaction received from organisations in the UAE wishing to meet with the delegation.
  • Transportation will be arranged to all group meetings on days one and two.
  • A mission brochure will be produced to advertise your Company both prior to, and during, the mission.
  • You can take advantage of an optional negotiated travel package, or if preferred make your own travel arrangements.


Who is this Mission for

  • This mission is focussed on the energy sector and open to all individuals and organisations involved in the energy sector - from oil & gas to renewable and nuclear energy.
  • The mission will aim to have a gender balanced representation and is open to both men and women.
  • Delegates who are not based in the UK are welcome to join the Mission and organise independently their own flights ensuring they arrive into Abu Dhabi on the evening of 7th May. 
  • Mission participants must be British exporters of goods or services. They may be a UK registered subsidiary of a foreign company, providing they are actively contributing to the British economy.


Market Information

  • Oil & Gas - The UAE has the world’s seventh largest reserves of both oil and gas. Production is currently around 2.79 million barrels per day (bpd), with targets of 3.5 million bpd. This makes Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques and technology very relevant to the UAE.  The UAE has both onshore and offshore oil reserves, which are operated under concessions. ADNOC and its 15 subsidiaries manage the oil and gas supply chain.  
  • Nuclear The first of 4 nuclear reactors is due to commence operations in 2017, with the remaining 3 scheduled by 2020. The reactors are being built by KEPCO.  As these plants are commissioned there are likely to be numerous supply chain opportunities. 
  • Renewables -The renewable market in the UAE is growing rapidly with public targets set and local businesses participating actively in this evolvement. 
  • Sustainability - Environmental sustainability is highlighted as one of 4 priority areas in the UAE’s published targets and also in Abu Dhabi’s 2030 Economic Vision.


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