As a responsible Travel Management Company, we encourage our employees to assist with reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible. CT Travel Group is fully committed to environmental sustainability and wider ESG targets - working towards creating a net-zero, nature positive, and more equitable future.

Our sustainability philosophy is simple: We want to protect and preserve the planet, professionally and personally. We encourage all staff to use sustainable solutions in as many aspects of their lives as possible: From working from home (full time or hybrid); to recommending public transport and even bicycle schemes; as a company we have very little fuel claims, which shows our employees are following our Carbon Reduction Plan. We strive to do what we can, whenever we can.

We encourage our staff to recycle by offering various recycling stations throughout our offices to ensure that we are always minimising our waste as a company. We also encourage all staff to be ‘paper free’ by adhering to a digitalised environment.

In addition to the above we encourage our client base to adopt the same attitude towards reducing their carbon usage by offering our sustainable solutions for their corporate travel needs. We offer CO2 reporting as a standard part of our reporting solution, which we have in place internally and to support client sustainability targets. Our typical Carbon Emissions report has been created to highlight emissions by route and trend on Co2 emissions.

We are also partnered with Trees4Travel, who offer a robust offsetting solution to calculate the impact of journeys by translating trips into trees and then planting trees in developing countries to absorb CO2 emissions, helping to restore forests, biodiversity, and supporting local communities by enabling them to earn an income and lift themselves out of poverty. Every tree comes with a share of an investment into United Nations’ certified renewable energy programmes, further reducing emissions and creating climate positivity through sustainable, ethical, and regenerative action. Trees4Travel is part of the UN’s Environment Programme; One Trillion Trees campaign and supports 13 of 17 UN global sustainability goals.

We are proud to announce that we are the first UK and Ireland Travel Management Company to join the Air France-KLM Corporate Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Programme. SAF is a jet fuel, made from renewable sources like used cooking oil and durable substitutes to fossil fuel. It blends perfectly with conventional jet fuel and fits all engines of all aircraft, without impacting current operations. In Air France - KLM’s commitment to reduce their carbon footprint, they only use SAF that is truly sustainable and certified as such. Less than 0.1% of roughly 300 million tonnes of jet fuel used by commercial airlines is SAF. To reduce overall emissions significantly, the production and availability of SAF needs to increase. Greater investment and collaboration across our industry into SAF, will allow us to create a more sustainable future for us all.