Pathfinder Trade & Invest are delighted to return to Kuwait with a further Multi-Sector Trade Mission in September 2017 following up from the recent successful mission which was accompanied by Baroness Morris, the PM's special trade envoy to Kuwait.

About the Mission:

  • The trade mission will take place from 23rd to 26th September 2017.
  • The mission will be led by Michael Thomas, Executive Chairman and CEO of Pathfinder Middle East. Michael knows Kuwait very well and started his Middle East Career there in the mid 70's.
  • This Mission is supported by the British Embassy in Kuwait and the Kuwait British Business Centre (KBBC) who will be instrumental in arranging the delegation's programme.
  • An “Early Bird Discount” of £200 will be available to those delegates who confirm their participation by returning the full Application Form and deposit payment by Friday, 28th July.

Benefits of the Mission:

  • Day One of the programme will feature a comprehensive market briefing session followed by a focussed programme of Group meetings with senior representatives of target organisations.
  • To ensure that participating delegates achieve the maximum from their participation, each delegate will receive a list of relevant Kuwait Companies in their sector, comprising of the top 8-10 businesses in that area to enable you to make direct approaches and to confirm individual meetings from Day Two onwards.
  • The KBBC are currently seeking sponsorship from Kuwaiti companies for a Mission Reception and if obtained will arrange a networking reception for the Mission.
  • You can take advantage of an optional negotiated travel package.

Who is the Mission for:

  • This Mission is multi-sector and open to all.
  • New and existing exporters are encouraged to join.
  • Mission participants must be British exporters of goods or services. The may be a UK registered subsidiary of a foreign company, providing they are actively contributing to the British economy.

Market Information:

  • Kuwait, one of the world's smallest countries by land area, but one of the richest by GDP per capita has a wealth of opportunities for UK companies to explore. They are striding ahead with their “New Kuwait 2035” strategy which aims to re-kindle Kuwait's history as a cultural, financial and commercial hub in the GCC.
  • Key sectors include Oil & Gas, Construction, Healthcare, Education and Retail (including food & drink and fashion)
  • The Governments five-year plan (2015-2020) will fuel its economy and project market. The building of infrastructure projects are likely to be key. The $116 billion spend on construction projects ending in March 2020 will stimulate growth in the market place and support downstream supply chain industries.
  • Michael Thomas, Mission Leader, states “There could not be a better time for British Businessmen to visit Kuwait and seek partnerships in all areas of business. Plans are in place, and the Kuwaitis are spending on a massive scale”.

CT Trade Missions works closely with the Department for International Trade. For market information on this destination please follow this link:

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Kuwait Trade Mission with Pathfinder Trade and Invest September 2017
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